- Please come early to avoid any disapointments. 

- We have the right to refuse any requests at our discretion.

- We are a member of Bar Watch and your ID will be scanned. Gang members or affiliates are not welcome.

- Valid ID (w/magstrip), Driver’s license, BC ID is required for entry. Acceptance of passports or other forms of international ID is at our discretion.

- Note Guest list expiry time, cut-off times are strict. 

- Please be aware that all guests that show up after the allotted guest list time might not be able gain entry to our establishment in a timely matter based on our capacity.

- VIP line access is based on a first come first served basis.

Get on the guest list for Cancun Fridays by 9:00pm on the Thursday before the Friday you would like to visit. 

If your request is approved, you'll get FREE cover before 9:30pm and DISCOUNT on the cover charge before 11pm. A confirmation will show up on the top of the page on Vancouver Latin Fever.